Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cal Jet Air's Innaugural Flight to Loreto

Cal Jet Air few into Loreto for its inaugural flight on April 21, 2012.  It was an exciting event with more activity at our new International terminal than I have seen for many years. 

The press was there to interview the Secretary of Tourism, George Wozniak from Cal Jet Air, and Management from the Villa Del Palmar Resort who is sponsoring this flight into Loreto.  

Cal Jet Air is flying a Boeing 737-400 for this route, which has 12 first class seats priced at $699 return, and 138 economy seats priced at $499 return from LAX.  There are many specials if you are a Villa Del Palmar member, or wish to try their new Loreto Resort for a week all inclusive vacation.  Non members can book by calling 866 226 4173 or visiting their website at   Ask them about last minute specials as low as $299 return and companion fares.

Cal Jet is getting good support from all Loreto residents and this is a welcome alternative to the limited Alaska Airlines flights.  My friend Mike Cook has a home near the airport and was on the inaugural flight.   He was all smiles and enjoying the festivities and beverages provided by the Villa Group who were there to greet and welcome the first flight. 

Loreto Bay homeowner and Villa Del Palmar member, Michael MacQuarrie, was able to get a very good companion fare for only $100 when he booked and flew a week ago.  Michael had the unpleasant experience of not receiving his luggage with the flight, but was a very good sport about it.  This incident created a situation where Cal Jet, its provider Xtra Airways, and the Villa Group had to work together to find a solution and retrieve the luggage.  They did and it all worked out.  Michael was very supportive and thanks to him, hopefully Cal Jet will be able to act much quicker in the future when this happens.  Lost luggage is always possible and customer service is very important. 

Robert Dennard is a flight attendant, among many other duties with Cal Jet, and he was instrumental in helping Michael retrieve his luggage.  Robert is shown here with Jim Hallett, another Loreto Bay homeowner who was delighted with the service and addition of Cal Jet as another alternative to get to Loreto.  Jim was able to sneak away for a week and work in paradise because of the Cal Jet.

Everyone was very pleased with the flight crew and said they were very friendly and entertaining.  The flight included cheese burgers in economy and drink service.  It is a very short flight, comfortable clean plane and thoroughly enjoyable way to start or end your trip.   The flight leaves every Saturday from LAX at noon and arrives in Loreto at 3 pm with the time change.  It turns around immediately and leaves at 4:15 and arrives into LAX Terminal 2 at 5:15 p.m.   It shares this terminal with Virgin Airlines and Air China, and is a much faster immigration and customs clearance area than Bradley International. 

It is very important that we all support Cal Jet Air in order that they are successful this summer.  All airlines require guarantees to come to Loreto.  When Cal Jet does well with this route then the other airlines may seriously look at Loreto as a destination route in the fall when we really need more flights.   Competition is good! 

Thank you to the Villa Group for making this happen!  For more information on their special packages and resort visit    or call 866 209 0726 from US or 855 440 5990 from Canada. 

As always, it is great to be in Loreto and living la vida loca  See you soon!

Miss Nellie